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I am a digital craftsman, which is just a fun way of saying...

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  • UX

  • Motion

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About Me

Why the title “Digital Craftsman”?

A true craftsman has a devotion to quality and obsesses over the details. They enjoy the process as much as the final product. They take pride in crafting things for their customers that are both beautiful and functional. These are the qualities that I strive for in my digital work.

What I do

The title is cute and all but I’m sure you want me to get to specifically what my skillsets are.

  • UI design for websites, apps, and emails.
  • UX strategy and design including user journeys, sitemaps, and wireframes.
  • Asset creation. Whether that be illustrations, animations, videos or imagery.
  • Custom HTML, CSS, and basic javascript and PHP.

I currently work as a digital designer for Blue Flame Thinking, an awesome Grand Rapids based advertising agency. I am also taking on work on the side so email me if you think I can help you out.

Who I am

I love what I do for a living so even when I’m not technically working, I am usually thinking about design and looking for inspiration. I especially enjoy hand lettered typography, flat animation, and new technology. I spend most of my free time with my beautiful wife and two great kids. I also enjoy woodworking and carving which, come to think of it, is probably where the craftsman idea came from.

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