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Tyler Wayner





Med Mile Mini

MedMileMini is a personal project that involves a car wrap and augmented reality app that was displayed in ArtPrize and the Grand Rapids Auto Show.

Mail App

Mail is an app for businessmen and women to make their work email more efficient and helpful.

Haven Of Hope Academy

A site I designed for an orphanage in Ghana, West Africa

OxyChem Website

OxyChem was a client I worked with at Blue Flame Thinking that does alot with calcium chloride […]

Product Illustrations

A series of product illustrations and photo composites I did while working for EasyPro Pond Products.

Kitchen Sage

A team project that I worked on for AIGA Design For Good

Google Divvy

Divvy is an app for college students to track and budget their finances. This is a project […]


Espionage is a multi player IOS game. It uses many of the phone's features to allow players to compete and complete missions.

If you want to see some of my client work that I can’t show here, please contact me!



My name is Tyler Wayner and I am a digital craftsman. Like any good craftsman, I have a devotion to quality and obsess over the details. I excel at taking raw materials (i.e. ideas) and crafting them into something both beautiful and functional. More specifically, I am a graphic, interactive, and user experience designer as well as a digital illustrator and an amateur front end developer. For me, design is not just a job but an obsession. I have been in the field for over 4 years, designing in-house, at an advertising agency and as a freelancer. Some of the clients I have worked with include Nationwide Financial, Dow Chemical, and Pentair Pool and Spa. While working, I attended Kendall College of Art and Design, majoring in interactive design. I currently work as a designer for Blue Flame Thinking.

Want to see more? Check out my portfolio or process or download my resume.
Oh, and coincidentally I am also really into wood working.


I use the iterative design process as often as possible. Although this is geared towards web and app design, I use a similar model for my print designs. I am a big believer in doing much of the process with a paper and sharpies before turning to the computer.

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  • • Research
  • • App Definition Statement

  • • User Personas
  • • Context Scenarios

  • • Sketched Wireframes
  • • Hi Fidelity Wireframes
  • • Moodboard
  • • User Interface Design

  • • Build Prototype
  • • Develop in Objective C, Actionscript, HTML, etc.

  • • User Testing
  • • Determine What to Refine
  • • Cycle back to Define, Design, or Develop

  • • Publish to the web or app store
  • • Celebrate Successful Launch


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